I have lived in the East Valley of Arizona for almost 3 years now and I must say, I love this state! Besides the favorable gun laws, it is gorgeous full of beautiful views and awesome camping and hiking spots. Not only that, but after moving from the expensive state of California, I can actually afford to buy a house. There are many things I have learned along the way, which I thought would be valuable to share with you. Most I have come across myself, and others I have not.

  1. Destroying or Defacing a Cactus: Arizona takes their cactuses seriously, especially the Saguaro. Cut one of these protected plants down and you could find yourself being arrested by the cactus cops (yes, they are a real entity). It is illegal to shoot, cut, or dig up a cactus, but some still do. If you go out to some popular shooting dentations in the desert, you will notice rebellious people made target practice out of some of the cactuses. Either they did a drive by or parked out and had a shootout. Either way, it is completely illegal and you can find yourself behind bars if you get caught.


  1. Leaving Anything and Anyone in Your Car: I can’t stress this enough. Do not leave kids and pets in the car, even for a minute. A car sitting in the sun can get boiling hot and if YOU can’t last in the car for even just one minute without the air conditioner, neither can your beloved kids or pets. Not only that, but leaving items, such as sunglasses in the car can be risky. Think about it; Sunglasses heat up quickly and if you aren’t paying attention and immediately put it on your face, you will definitely scald yourself. Been there, done that!


  1. Driving Drunk: Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws and is a no-tolerance state for driving under the influence. According to AZCentral.com, “you can be arrested with a blood-alcohol content of less than the legal limit of 0.08 percent”. Your first DUI offense can land you in jail for 10 days, plus costly fines you will be obligated to pay. With all of the driving services apps, there are no excuses. You can easily download Uber or Lyft, to name a few, and have someone drive you home. New members also receive discounts on their first ride.

  1. Not Wearing Sunscreen: I love laying in the sun during the summer. But once it hits the triple digits, laying in the sun can feel like you are being baked, grilled, and sautéed alive. If you don’t want to burn, or get the leathery look, wear sunscreen. The worst thing you can do during the early summer months is get burned, because looking like a lobster isn’t “cute”.

 Michael Chow/The Arizona Republic/AP Photo with ABC News

  1. Driving into Severe Weather: Have you heard of the “Stupid Motorist Law”? According to LawForVeterans.org, “it was created back in the 1990’s as lawmakers grew tired of shelling out taxpayer money to rescue defiant and inattentive drivers who drove around barricades and tried to cross roads and washes”. The law now makes these senseless drivers financially liable for the cost associated with their rescue. Also, be weary of Haboobs, which are large dust storms normally occurring during the summer months. These can be especially dangerous as your visibility can quickly deteriorate while driving. It is important you pull over, roll up your windows, tightly shut the air vents, and turn off any headlights until it passes. Stay safe, it’s not a risk worth taking.


  1. Walking Barefoot: First of all, think of the snakes and scorpions that reside in Arizona! Stepping on one of them can be a painful mistake that no one wants to make. It is either that, or you will burn your feet on the scolding hot pavement. Whether you are walking out to your car to grab something, or you are running to the mailbox, there is no safe place on the pavement, and it doesn’t matter how fast you can run, you will scorch your feet.


  1. Not Checking Your Shoes: You may be scoffing at this, but take some precaution. Scorpions like moist (sorry), dark places, and what better spot than your shoes. I had a friend tell me that it was night and they were playing with a backlight around the room. They flashed it over their pile of shoes and watched a scorpion walk right into one of the pairs of shoes. Do your due diligence and check your shoes before you put them on.

  1. Not Drinking Enough Water: Always drink plenty of water in this dry desert state. Need I say more?


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